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apr. 19

Prince of Lan Ling (2013) chinese drama

Title: 兰陵王 / Lan Ling Wang Also known as: Prince of Lan Ling Genre: Period, romance Episodes: 46 Broadcast network: JSTV Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-14 Opening theme song: Ru Zhen Qu (入陣曲) by Mayday Ending theme song: Shou Zhang Xin (手掌心) by Della Ding O profetie spunea ca victoria va fi de partea celui ce va …

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aug. 04

Ice Fantasy (2016) chinese drama

Title: 幻城 / Huan Cheng English title: Ice Fantasy Genre: Fantasy, romance Broadcast network: Hunan TV Episodes: 60 – 62 Broadcast period: 2016-Jul-24 – Country: Chinese Original writing: Novel Huan Cheng (幻城) by Guo Jing Ming (郭敬明) The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and …

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iul. 28

Bong Soon – a Cyborg in Love (2016) korean minidrama

Bong-soon is a cyborg woman, who has been programmed to shut down as soon as she feels an emotion: love. This romance depicts a touching love story between a genius computer programmer and a cyborg. Traducerea in limba romana Pisikutza25