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mai 18

Refresh Man (2016) taiwanese drama

Country: Taiwan Type:Drama Episodes: 17 Aired: Mar 6, 2016 to Jul 17, 2016 Network: SET TV Zhong Yu Tang and Ji Wen Kai are childhood friends. Wen Kai’s grades has always been normal but Yu Tang’s grades were really good. After becoming adults and entering society, Yu Tang has entered the cosmetic world and has …

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I Order You (2015) korean minidrama

Title: 당신을주문합니다 / Dangsineul joomoonhabnida Also known as: I’m Placing an Order for You Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: Naver TVCast (SNS), SBS Plus Broadcast date: 2015-Jul-05 to 2015-??-?? Air time: Sunday 10:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea A romantic story between a pretty boy chef named Gook-dae and amateur Song-ah in the background …

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mai 09

Summer Love (2015) korean minidrama

Drama : Summer Love Revised romanization : Summer Love Hangul : 썸머 러 Director : Innisfree Writer : Innisfree Cast : Lee Min Ho, Yoona Network : Innisfree Episodes : 2 Release Date : 2015-05-08 Country : South Korea CAST: Lee Min Ho Yoona Traducerea si adaptarea: Erams