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apr. 06

7th grade civil servant (2013) korean drama

Drama: 7th Grade Civil Servant (English & literal title) / Level 7 Civil Servant (English title) Revised romanization: 7Keup Kongmuwon Hangul: 7급공무원 Director: Kim Sang-Hyub Writer: Cheon Seong-Il Network: MBC Episodes: 20 Language: Korean Country: South Korea „7th Grade Civil Servant” depicts the friendships and love of new agents at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). …

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feb. 20

LAST CINDERELLA (2013) japanese drama

Drama: Last Cinderella Romaji: Rasuto Shinderera Japanese: ラスト シンデレラ Director: Ryo Tanaka, Shin Hirano Writer: Mayumi Nakatani Network: Fuji TV Episodes: 11 Release Date: April 11 – June 20, 2013 Genre: Romantic-Comedy Language: Japanese Country: Japan Sakura (Ryoko Shinohara) is a single 39-year-old woman. She works at a beauty salon as its vice manager. Sakura …

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nov. 17

MIDAS (2011) korean drama

Drama: Midas Revised romanization: Maiduseu Hangul: 마이더스 Director: Kang Shin-Hyo, Lee Chang-Min Writer: Choi Wan-Kyu Network: SBS Episodes: 21 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Kim Do-Hyun (Jang Hyuk) graduated from the top university in South Korea and has now worked as a fund manager for 3 years. He is handsome and good at sports. Do-Hyun …

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