Feb 20

LAST CINDERELLA (2013) japanese drama


Sakura (Ryoko Shinohara) is a single 39-year-old woman. She works at a beauty salon as its vice manager. Sakura makes customers pretty, but she isn’t interested in making herself pretty. She envies falling in love, but at the same time is afraid of falling in love. One day, at a party, Sakura meets Hiroto (Haruma Miura), who is much younger than Sakura. Hiroto is a bike rider and is attracted to Sakura.

Meanwhile, Rintaro (Naohito Fujiki) is a manager at beauty salon where Sakura works. Rintaro likes making biting remarks, drinking alcohol and using his scissors.


Traducerea: Stela Venus, Coordonator si hardsubber: Pisikutza25

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